I’m Anne. Born in late 1978 in Connecticut, currently resident in northern California with four cats, one significant other, and one (extra large) goldfish. I’m an electrical engineer by training/degree currently working as a laboratory hardware engineer and part-time content editor for a biotech nonprofit. I like science, engineering, art, cats, drawing, cats, buildings, cats, science fiction, brains, typing, vintage tools, woodworking and just plain being alive. I’m a non-driving public-transit-riding headphones-wearer. I’m somewhere on the autistic spectrum, but didn’t find that out until I was 25. I dislike ethical violations, mayonnaise, stereotyping, phone calls, loud music in stores, and unreliable wi-fi. I am a shameless Mac user (and a linux user for over a decade). I have no religion to speak of and find the universe perfectly awesome and meaningful on its own merits. I do not feel that I am likely to be eaten by a grue. More to come.


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